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Chukara complex inspires holiday and relaxation away from the big city, stress and the dynamics of everyday life. Inspired by country life offers to all guests the opportunity to spend time in nature, in the fresh air, with their loved ones. Conditions for the most refined taste - high quality wines, organic fruits and vegetables, five star luxury for you and your families.

Wine and Spa Hotel Chukara

In order to complete your experience with us, we are working hard on the completion of the four-star Wine and Spa Hotel Chukara. You will find cozy double and family rooms, luxury and spacious apartments, restaurant, spa, gym, children's center and conference room. We look forward to June 2022, when the hotel will open its doors for you!


Winery - For connoisseurs with love

Life is always better with a glass of wine and real connoisseurs know it best. That's why we chose the highest class equipment for our winery. And you choose whether to enjoy white, red or rose wine. We use source materials of the highest quality for the production, without sweeteners, with care for nature and your refined preferences. We trust the impressive professionals, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Krassimir Bambalov and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Valentin Bambalov for the uncompromising quality of the product. You can also find these captivating tastes diligently bottled with a label that stands for true quality and attitude. On the second floor you will find a cosy wine tasting room, where you can taste with pleasure the different varieties of wines that we have made for you with great love. Then you can make a selection to your liking and life is better again, right?

Our oasis

Closer to nature, closer to yourself.
One of the favourite places of our guests, especially children, is our oasis, where you will find animals of various species living freely and happily in the complex. Here you will find Taleb and Pedant, who are former racehorses, and today they walk calmly and make us happy every day. We also have donkeys that we rescued from different places in Bulgaria. Unfortunately, we rarely see representatives of the breed. So, our personal mission is to help save them as far as we can. Llamas, alpacas, goats and the white two-humped Bactrian camel Romeo. You can freely and free of charge touch our wonderful friends who will enjoy your attention and interest. In peace you can see the vegetable and fruit gardens, which will be a great end to your walk. Then we will be waiting for you in our restaurant, where you can enjoy the taste of the gardens, served in style.

Chukara Restaurant - Food for the eyes, mind, and soul

We are also demanding customers looking for culinary experiences, professional service, cosy interior and unforgettable views. Traveling around the world, we collected impressions, emotions and ambitions, which we transferred to the Chukara restaurant. From the stylish interior with warm colours and natural materials to the service with attention to the smallest detail, we make sure that you feel even more special. Homemade delicious food, bringing the feeling like you are at home, combined with the exquisite presentation, nourishes your eyes and soul in an unique and intimate way. Charcoal barbecue, homemade bread and pizzas in the oven, homemade french fries and a salad with vegetables from the garden of the complex, where you walked until a while ago. While eating deliciously, you cannot help but enjoy the breath-taking view of Tryavna, whose beauty cannot fit in one frame. We have 130 seats indoors and 100 seats outdoors, which can accommodate any of your special moments - from your first date, drinking our high quality wine at sunset to your big wedding, which we will turn into a real party. For friendly crowds, family gatherings and long-awaited vacations, we are waiting for you to contribute to your wonderful time.

Chukara holiday and relaxation away from the big city

Out of love for Tryavna, good wine, delicious food, animals, cosiness and memorable experiences, we have made a place where our guests feel free, relaxed and happy. A place that they feel like home, because they know that they will be welcomed warmly and cordially and that they will come back even more enthusiastic than last time. We named this special place Chukara after the area, under which there were rocks long before our time. We started with our favourite place - the winery, where all connoisseurs can taste a variety of wines of uncompromising quality. For those who appreciate beautiful views and delicious food prepared with products from the garden, we opened our restaurant, where one can see big weddings and birthdays, as well as guests enjoying the cosy atmosphere. To be closer to nature, we set up a small oasis where various animal species roam freely - horses, donkeys, goats. With care for the rest and tranquillity of the guests, we added spa services. Finally, we finished our dream with a comfortable and stylish hotel component, where the guests can forget that they are in a hotel. We are happy that more and more people recognize Chukara as their favourite place, where they create special memories. We, in turn, will not stop presenting you the traditional in a modern way, surprising you with new impressive services and making you even happier.

Thank you from our hearts!
The Chukara team


  • Chernovrah Street 9, municipality Tryavna, region Gabrovo Bulgaria
  • GPS: 42°52'50.9"N 25°30'14.7"E