One of the favorite places of our guests, especially the children, is our zoo. Here you will find a variety of animals living freely and happily. You could meet Taleb and Pedant, who are former racehorses, and today they enjoy their quiet days of retirement. We also have donkeys that we rescued from different places around Bulgaria. Llamas, alpacas, goats and Romeo the white two-humped camel. You could become friends with all of them. You can also explore the vegetable and fruit gardens, which will be a wonderful end to your walk.

Explore the beauty of Tryavna and Central Stara Planina

Bulgarka Nature Park, towns of Tryavna and Gabrovo, Buzludzha Monument, Dryanovo and Sokolski Monasteries and Uzana – the geographical center of Bulgaria are only a part of the scenic interesting places located in the surrounding area of Tryavna.

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