Chukara wine collection was the first product line ever made by Chukara winery.  We have been perfecting our favorite single varietal wines for four vintages now. We started with the fascinating Muscat Ottonel and Cabernet Sauvignon and later added Chardonnay and Merlot. We have fully recreated their varietal characters in the five wines of this collection.

Chukara Collection:

  • Muscat Ottonel vintage 2022 - Intense aromas of roses, spring herbs and tropical fruit. On the palate the wine is crisp and refreshing with floral notes.
  • Chardonnay vintage 2022 - Bright aromas of tropical fruit. On the palate the wine is well-balanced and elegant with long-lasting and memorable finish.
  • Rosé vintage 2022 - Rich aromas of strawberries and wild berries. On the palate the wine is juicy and yet elegant with refreshing long-lasting finish.
  • Merlot vintage 2020 - Balanced aromas of fresh fruit and noble French oak. On the palate the wine is complex, has a full body and memorable finish.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon vintage 2020 - Aromas of red and black cherries with some hints of chocolate, black pepper and vanilla. On the palate the wine is compex with a well-balanced full body.
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Wine tours & tasting

For all wine aficionados, we offer individual and group testing of the wines from Chukara Winery. Under our team’s masterful guidance, you will experience the enchanting story, gather in a glass of wine – from the vine to your hand.

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Chukara Winery

Life is always better with a glass of wine and true connoisseurs know that best. That is why we selected the highest class of equipment for our winery. And you only need to choose, whether you would enjoy white, red or rosé wine.

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