For all wine aficionados, we offer individual and group testing of the wines from Chukara Winery. Under our team’s masterful guidance, you will experience the enchanting story, gather in a glass of wine – from the vine to your hand.

For all wine lovers, we offer individual and group wine tours and wine tastings at Chukara Cellar. In the pleasant company of the specialists from our team, you will have the opportunity to walk the path of wine. From the fermentation and aging rooms, through the bottling rooms, you will reach our panoramic tasting room. There you will find specially selected cheeses and meat delicacies from the region to pair with our wines.

If one of our unique wines appeals to you, you could buy it elegantly packaged to enjoy at home or to surpise a loved one.

Hours of wine tour and tasting in Chukara Winery:

12.00 p.m., 03.00 p.m. and 05.00 p.m.  / Monday - Saturaday /

Approx. duration: 75 min. Booking is required at: +359 894 441 454

Chukara Winery

Life is always better with a glass of wine and true connoisseurs know that best. That is why we selected the highest class of equipment for our winery. And you only need to choose, whether you would enjoy white, red or rosé wine.

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